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Energy Communities Repository

EU energy communities - impact indicators

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Energy communities are still a relatively new concept for many actors in the energy sector. To help create a better understanding of their possible impacts - on the energy system, the local economy, their communities, as well as the environment - the Energy Communities Repository has published a set of impact indicators, which you can find on this page.

The below overview is based on data provided by energy communities via the Repository's data collection form. Energy communities had the opportunity to answer an extensive set of questions. Due to time constraints however, not every community will have been able to answer all the questions. It is hence important to note that the below data provides an indication of the possible impacts of energy communities. It is however not (yet) based on a comprehensive data set.

To account for this, the Repository indicates in each data set how many communities have provided data. We ask users to keep this in mind when communicating about the data on this page. You can find more information about the methodology here.

Currently, this website is not actively managed.

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Energy community impacts: highlights

The numbers in this section summarise the data across all EU countries.

Number and types of members

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SMEs: loading ..

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NGOs/associations: loading ..

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Detailed data per country

Select the countries that you are interested in and compare all details about impacts with other countries. The data is grouped in seven categories, each consisting of multiple indicators that offer a comprehensive view on the state of energy communities in the European Union.

Please note: Zero values shown in this section do not distinguish between the absence of data and communities having answered the value "0" to the question.

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